The End of the Lich King

The Lich King WoW
The Lich King WoW

While it is true that everyone and their mother plays World of Warcraft that doesn’t mean that when something is done well you ignore it because it is massive and mainstream. The team over at Blizzard did a pretty good job with their cinematic’s after the death of Arthas, the Lich King.

Spoiler Alert! Yes, we all know the Lich King dies, but just in case you don’t want to know what happens next don’t click the video or read what is below.

Of course there are rumblings across the net about the need to be a Lich King, however, I think the lore team has set themselves up well.

A good summed up response to those who questioned the need for a Lich King and the choice in who became Arthas’s successor came from, believe it or not, the City of Heroes official forums where member Talia Rayvyn said:

The reason they needed another host is because the first Lich King (Ner’zhul) would have full control over the Scourge or if Ner’zhul without a body had no control over the Scourge they would just follow their instinct to destroy all life.

When Ner’zhul fused with Arthas they both became stronger because he had a physhical body BUT deep down Arthas was still a good person and was using what influence he had to hold the Scourge back. I’m not sure if you play/played WoW, but during the Wrath World Event they unleashd the Scourge plague and it did not take long before everything was a zombie wasteland. That’s exactly how the world should be, but since it’s not, that hinted at the fact that something was holding the Scourge back. I just assumed that Arthas was building up a bigger force but when Uther tells you that he is actually holding the Scourge back it makes just as much sense.

Also Bolvar was the best man for the job to be the new Lich King. The first important fact is that he is not in possession of Frostmourne. That sword was the major reason for Arthas’ downfall because it stole his soul and made him a slave to its hunger and Ner’zhul since the sword is ultimately tied to him. The second factor is that he is covered in head to toe in fire from the Red Dragons. That fire embodies the very essence of life an was probably one of the main reasons that Arthas could never convert him into a Death Knight. So as long as the fire burns he is resistant to the undead of the Scourge. So between those two things it made him a perfect “jailer” rather than host for Ner’zhul and the Scourge.

From a lore-standpoint the Scourge will no longer be a threat to Azeroth and will probably just lethargically shamble around Northrend. Blizzard could also eventually evolve the Scourge to the point that they are able function as well as the Forsaken.

I also expect this was a means to set-up the scenario a few expansions down the road when we assault the Burning Legion that the Alliance and Horde will be joined by Bolvar and the Scourge in overthrowing Sargeras.

Overall, a good job was done, at least visually. We will see what Cataclysm brings us.

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