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The Castlevania Adventure

The Castlevania Adventure - Gameboy - Gameplay Screenshot
This time around I will discuss Castlevania for the Gameboy. This title is quite old but interesting overall. The game does show age as soon as you play it, I mean it moves slower than other Castlevania games but that’s mainly because of the limited capabilities of the handheld. The game is tough at times but not impossible to beat. You can expect classic castlevania action in this one as it’s similar to the NES counterparts.

The Castlevania Adventure - Gameboy - Gameplay Screenshot
Be ready to get used to slow gameplay though. Also, be careful with letting your vampire hunter fall because he will fall like a brick. The usual monsters are in this one, bats, big eyes, and more bats. I recommend this for anyone who wants something similar to the NES and needs a blast from the past. For others, I don’t because it could disappoint you more than make you enjoy it. Luckily, it’s a very affordable title so don’t you worry, your pockets will still be filled with monah. That’s all for now, until next time!

One last tip, don’t get hit as you will lose your strong whip and that really wears you down and defeats you more quickly in the end. Good luck!

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One thought on “The Castlevania Adventure

  • Was this the one where they replaced the steps with ladders? I do remember enjoying this game when it came out despite the bad PR it received.

    Glad to know it is cheap. I bet it at least plays well on a Super Gameboy since it is an older game.

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