The 11 Most FRUSTRATING Video Games Ever!


Frustrating games

You know those video games that you love to play, but also make you throw your controller, shout words you wouldn’t want your mother to hear and make you throw such a huge fit you are kicked out of the arcade?

Let’s rank them! Let’s find out what are considered the 11 Most FRUSTRATING Video Games Ever!

All platforms, classic or modern, arcade or console. List them in the form below, in order from 1 to 11, and submit today!

Why rank eleven spaces instead of ten? Anyone can put together a top ten, and these games are just TOO frustrating to stop there anyway!

Submit your lists today!

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Patrick Scott Patterson

Patrick Scott Patterson (Scott or his gaming handle "OriginalPSP") has been gaming since 1981. A multiple-time video game world record holder as recognized by three organizations, Scott aims to help promote the fun and positive side of both past and present video game culture through this articles here and his official website at

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