Tales of Fantasy Alpha Test Keys

Tales of Fantasy
Tales of Fantasy

Who is up for some Alpha testing?

The guys and gals over at have been given keys for Tales of Fantasy – a new MMORPG by IGG in where you capture and train wild beasts, then fight on them and race them in competition!

They started at 1500, but as of this posting a little over 100 keys are left so hurry up and get yours now. You can visit the giveaway page here. Keep in mind to receive your key you will need to register for a account, but it is free and you can sign up here.

About Tales of Fantasy

Tales of Fantasy is a massive 3D Fantasy game centered on inter-faction warfare with an immersive history and storyline.

The focus of Tales of Fantasy falls in line with capturing beasts, training them and then using them in battle. The difference between this game and other games, though, is that it’s possible to fight while riding on the mount, including using skills.

Game Features

Mounted Combat System

With a diverse collection of mounts available, TOF features a meticulously designed mounted combat system. Players can attack while perched atop their favorite mounts.

Real-time Horse Racing Competition

For those racing fanatics out there, TOF has even incorporated a Horse Racing system. Players can use their mounts to race other contestants across a designated racecourse passing through various locations in the world of Elterra.

Advanced Graphics Technology

Developed by using the most advanced 3D technologies available, TOF’s graphics are sure to wow players with an enhanced gaming experience.

For more information about Tales of Fantasy please check out the official website.

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