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Overwatch and Rule 34

Blizzard is proud of Overwatch they are not proud of all the adult fan art and movies made based on their characters and they are trying everything they can to get rid of it (yeah, good luck with that) but we all know about Rule 34 which states, If it exists there IS porn of it.

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You don’t get the show #3: Let me tell you about being a crackhead

We also discuss a troll that got bitch slapped by a Blizzard employee on their own forums they cried about being banned for no reason and claimed Blizzard didn’t read the chat logs. Well they do and the Blizzard employee proved it by posted them and laying the smackdown on the troll. Speaking of smackdown, we give a little bit of a smackdown to Game Rant for claiming it was a Overwatch article when it was clearly a Heroes of the Storm article. Can we say clickbait?

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