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Super Contra

The contra series was the game to play back in the day for many reasons. One of them being for its great replay value and another was for the great challenge and level design. I can’t explain how satisfying destroying everyone in your way feels but if you played the game, you know what I mean. This game is a must play for any NES player or Nintendo player overall because it’s just that great. The challenge can make you want to stay away from it but it only takes some practice and the “S” weapon to kick ass with ease. I myself I’m still trying to beat the game without losing any lives which is a very tough task to complete but I’ll do it eventually after all practice makes perfect.

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Super C has some of the craziest bosses around including aliens and Helicopters and more aliens well if you played it you’ll see all of them.¬†One of the more interesting things about this game is the so called Konami code that’ll give you 30 lives for those of you who die a lot. I highly suggest playing the game without the code since it’ll give you a challenge to accomplish man I can’t remember how many times I died practicing levels with this game but now I can go through it with ease. Well that’s about it if you want a challenge and best of all play it with a friend then pick up Super C at your local thrift stores or try ebay if you don’t want to travel. The price range for this game is 15-20 dollars so expect to pay that at least. Until next time!

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  • This game and the original Contra are probably some of the best action shooter games for the nintendo systems.

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