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Super Mario Bros Crossover Flash Game

Super Mario Bros Crossover title screen

Super Mario Bros Crossover Flash Game

So the game plays just like the original NES game, but as you can see in the trailer, the characters and levels are different such as being able to play as Ryu and Link and using special abilities from the different characters.

The overall goal is the same, you go from left to right making your way through the worlds and defeating the enemies until you get to the fourth level of each world where you face Bowser. Now the levels have been tweaked and changed since different characters have different abilities to add more challenge and re-playability to the game.

  • Left: Left
  • Right: Right
  • Up: Up
  • Down: Down
  • Jump: Z
  • Attack: X
  • Special: C
  • Pause: Escape
  • Select: A (Tab prior to 3.0)

There are four buttons in the game, plus start. The following setup is recommended if you’re using a¬†Super Nintendo¬†controller as a reference.

  • B – Jump (Z key)
  • Y – Attack (X key)
  • X – Special (C key)
  • Select – Select (A key)
  • Start – Start (Enter key)

These can be changed from the options menu to suit a player’s preferences.

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