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Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition Flash Game


Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition Flash Game

This game changed how arcade games were played. With Street Fighter, you did not just walk up and play the game. Most of the time you waited for your shot at the current champ of the cabinet. You would place your quarter on the right hand side and watch how they played hoping you could beat them and if you were the champ you knew it was only a matter of time before your spot got taken.

So Capcom released this flash version back when it was promoting Street Fighter 4. The great thing here is the game feels and plays like the arcade even though you are using keyboard commands. This is a close to the real deal as you will get in a flash version and it has the original characters and music.


  • Use the Arrow Keys to Move your Fighter
  • S = Fast Punch
  • D = Medium Punch
  • F = Strong Punch
  • X = Fast Kick
  • C = Medium Kick
  • V = Strong Kick
  • Also you can click on the question mark in the upper right to see the special moves for each character

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