Stirge’s QuakeCON Diary – 4 days of glory!

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Once again, for the 6th time (99-2004 and now 2010), I have made the trek to Dallas, TX for the one and only QuakeCON. Arriving in Texas I remember why we refer to it as Africa hot, I live in south florida but dry texas heat is something to be experienced. Regardless, we pressed on and made our way around the convention attempting to reconnect with friends from years past. After collecting a reasonable running crew we did the QuakeCON crawl and partied away the night before the convention. I found a couple guys that I haven’t seen in years, some of you may remember them…

Todd H. – Terrance A. – Melinko – Marty S. – QuakeCON
Todd H. – Terrance A. – Melinko – Marty S. – QuakeCON

Day two it was ready for the actual CON to start. We went upstairs to receive our badges and they were very happy to give them to us, we entered the vendor area and started looking around. In my time working for Alienware I had helped create some amazing convention setups, but mainly with pc’s. When I looked over at the Alienware booth this year they had a hummer, that you could sit in the back of and play on, that was kind of cool. There was not much room overall for people to get their Quake on but the set was very pretty so a congratulations to Claudina, a stay over from my days at Alienware, she is still doing a great job at the shows.

After checking out the Alienware stuff I stopped over by the Asus booth to speak with Origin PC’s very own Richard ‘DarthBeavis’ Surroz. He had some really impressive custom built rigs which can be seen below. He was nice enough to do an interview with us on the show floor and for that we give him a big thank you! Check out his blog here!

On Friday I got to do a hands on with Fallout: New Vegas, it was a bit short since as you know, if you have ever played Fallout, it’s going to take you an hour just to get through the beginning of the game so I more or less got to the point where I acquired a gun and started to diffuse some issues inside of a nice little western town. The story was instantly compelling and actually made me want to speak with the NPC’s, so that was definitly a plus. There is still the same targeting system, which for me personally being a huge FPS fan is a bit of a turn off, you don’t have to use it, but on an XBOX 360 controller I have 0 accuracy so I had to use it if I wanted to kill anything. Regardless without dwelling on that too much, it looks like it will be a fantastic game, I will buy it for the PC and I’m sure I will enjoy it. Thanks again to Bethesda for inviting me to play and a special thanks to Angela Ramsey for setting it up, she did a hell of a job!

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