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Star Fox- SNES Box
A game that left me wanting for more was the first ever Star Fox. Using the Super FX chip, the SNES took their graphics to a whole new level. It was something that we never imagined could be done but the true capabilities of the SNES left all of us in an awe. The game is quite simple. You fly around in your spaceship and complete missions. You have the ability to choose your path which can go from easy to hard. It’s up to you to pick which path you want to go through to challenge your skills. Of course, I suggest you go through the easy path first and then the hard path because it’ll make things a lot easier and a better gameplay experience.

Star Fox - Gameplay Screenshot


The game’s graphics were amazing for the time and got everyone out of their seat which really means a lot. We were just getting into the 3D era so anything three-dimensional would give us orgasms in a sec. It was that good! The music is also very impressive as it gives you that feel that you are in the game itself. You will have a lot of challenges and interesting characters to keep you playing the game.

Make sure you and your comrades work as a team. This means you have to help them out whenever they ask you, don’t be a douche. If there is someone behind attacking your comrade then be sure to save his ass! To conclude, the game is a thrill to play and very satisfying until the end. There is so much to love about this game and so little to hate. Be sure to check out the practice mode if you are new to the whole Star Fox saga.

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