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Skin & Bones

It’s been a while since I played through the truly enjoyable and immensely colourful demo of the newly released Skin & Bones offering, and, well, I thought I’d let you know. It is, after all and as far as I can judge, a lovely platform/puzzle game with a distinct retro 16-bit feel to it and two playable characters. Definitely one to bring back those memories from the Amiga era, then, though should you try it, you’ll probably notice the obvious Head over Heels influences too. Worth a try.

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Konstantinos Dimopoulos

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8 thoughts on “Skin & Bones

  • Well, it won’t certainly make me remind the Amiga, since I’ve never touched one, but it has a lovely look to it.

  • Never touched one? Oh my poor poor lad… Off to eBay then. Now! Before it’s too late…

  • Never was much for Mario Bros…. Even if it is called Skin & Bones.

  • I’d give it a chance really, as it doesn’t quite resemble Mario Bros. Way more, uhm, European I’d say…

  • Rather nice Gnome! I’ve touched an Amiga, though I’ve never owned one… It felt lovely and played rather nicely too if I remember rightly…

  • You remember correctly, let me assure you. The Amiga you see dear Father is still the best thing since sliced bread got sliced into really neat slices. I’d hit eBay if I were you and it’s good for the children too. A wholesome 16-bit computer really…

  • I like everything about that screenshot. Will try the demo, for sure. Look at them mountains! Nice.

  • And it really plays nice too 😉

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