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Septian Ganendra: PST Team

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Name: Septian Ganendra

Company: PST Team

Profession: Founder, Programmer

Favorite Classic Game: Roller Coaster Tycoon,

Quote: Talking about my favourite classic game, Roller Coaster Tycoon is no doubt my first pick. There’s several series of RCT, but the first series of the game still my choice. It’s fun to watch your amusement parks grow, design your rides, crashing your roller coasters, picking up guest and throw them into lake, oh well that’s dangerous better not to do that in real life. I still can’t forget the joy while I was playing this game, thumbs up for Chris Sawyer.

“Hidup adalah pilihan.”, from My Teacher (Life is a choice.)

Bio: I’m the founder as well as the main programmer of PST Team, a small indie game developer based in Surabaya, Indonesia. I’ve been passionate about gaming since kid, when my father bought me something called “Sega Genesis”, where it all began. “This is cool! I want to make a game, my own game!”. After that I started to walk my path as Game Developer. And now, here I am, creating my own games. Currently I’ve created Sentou Gakuen and Samurai Taisen, and I will keep improving myself by making more games.

Projects: Sentou Gakuen, Samurai Taisen

Project Info: We are currently working on Samurai Taisen, our second project after Sentou Gakuen. A browser based MMORTS set in warring states period of Japan. Players will assume their role as Ji-samurai, lords of a small domain, whose village is largely undeveloped. Players can expand by constructing new buildings and upgrading existing ones. To gain power, the player can create new villages or conquer the villages of other players.

Diplomacy is a key factor in Samurai Taisen as players can join alliances for mutual cooperation in both economic and military matters. The game also features a wide range of units to help the players achieving their goal to claim the title of Shogun, such as Geisha, Ninja, as well as Ashigaru that were heavily used during that time.

Samurai Taisen also features four major forces: Date clan, Uesugi clan, Takeda clan, Oda clan. Each of them has their own characteristics and strategical bonus. The amount of strategical bonus depends on the current provinces that faction holds. Players may choose to join one or not to join to stay independent as Ronin. The choices are in players’ hands.


Samurai taisen

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 Sentou Gakuen

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