Sega Game Gear

Sega Game Gear
Sega Game Gear

You would think that the Game Gear being a portable version of the Sega Master System it would have easily beat the Nintendo Game Boy in sales. Even with a lower resolution screen than the Master System could put out the Game Gear offered a colored screen compared to the Game Boys monochrome color and also featured stereo sound. The Game Gear also offered almost 400 titles including fan favorites like Sonic, Eco the Dolphin and the puzzle hit Columns.

One of the major problems was the battery life. The Game Gear only offered five hours of playtime using a whopping six AA batteries. In addition the Game Gear cost significantly more than the Game Boy retailing for around $149.99.

Marketing seemed to play a key in the lack of success of the Sega Game Gear. Although the handheld system was a success overall it never gained to market share and popularity that the Game Boy did. Even with innovated commercials taking shots at the Game Boy the American public picked its favorite and the clear winner was the Game Boy.

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