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Scambaiter – Seriously Annoying Lover 84

serious_lover84 was one the first people to contact my via my tagworld profile. At this point is is claiming she loved me and asking for little presents like 100 dollars or 2500 dollars for a plane ticket. This is me trying to get rid of her (unsuccesfully)

[20:43] serious_lover84: honey i want the pound if u send it the bank will change it to our money for me okay so u just go and look for the westren union money transfer that is the bank that have a branch here and then money gram sg-ssb
[20:43] serious_lover84: how much will u send honey
[20:57] c64glen: I wanted to tell you something before we go on…
[20:57] serious_lover84: okay tell me
[20:57] c64glen: I have told some untruth
[20:58] serious_lover84: tell me wht is it honey am here for u okay
[20:58] serious_lover84: and dont have to hide anything from me okay
[20:58] c64glen: I’m not a thirty year old man, I am fifty years old.
[20:58] serious_lover84: tell me i really love u
[20:58] serious_lover84: is that wht u wanted to tell me
[20:59] c64glen: I’m not a thirty year old man, I am fifty years old.
[20:59] serious_lover84: as i have had this type of love for u nathing can make me stop loving u
[20:59] c64glen: I live in prison
[21:00] serious_lover84: okay i really love u no matter wht the sitiation okay
[21:00] c64glen: I murder my wife and a few other people.
[21:01] serious_lover84: oh why did u do that
[21:01] c64glen: I had a bad time
[21:02] serious_lover84: oh am sad to hear this but i still ove u okay
[21:02] serious_lover84: love u
[21:02] serious_lover84: okay
[21:02] c64glen: Also I don’t have much money, because I’m have to pay some women I raped.
[21:03] serious_lover84: okay honey
[21:03] serious_lover84: u just send me wht u can okay
[21:03] c64glen: But I will be out of prison in 38 years, so I will ask them to deport me to your country so I can live there.
[21:04] serious_lover84: i love u hope u can get 100pounds
[21:04] c64glen: I may be able to kill someone and take 100 pounds for you.
[21:04] c64glen: see I love you so much, I will kill for you…
[21:05] serious_lover84: okay honey i love u too
[21:05] c64glen: Would you like me to kill someone for you?
[21:05] serious_lover84: no
[21:05] c64glen: I can cut them up and you some bits.
[21:05] serious_lover84: no
[21:05] c64glen: That was going to be your present.
[21:06] serious_lover84: dont do that it a very big sin
[21:06] c64glen: I was going to send you a heart.
[21:06] serious_lover84: no dont
[21:06] c64glen: don’t you want a heart?
[21:06] serious_lover84: so fedex did not say anything honey
[21:07] serious_lover84: u just send me 100pounds okay and stop alll tis
[21:07] c64glen: fedex told the police I was sending bad things, so I had to stab the fedex man and the police man with a fork
[21:07] c64glen: but I left a note telling them it was for you
[21:08] serious_lover84: u send me 100 pounds okay
[21:08] serious_lover84: seee u totmorrow
[21:08] c64glen: no, you tell me. you love me even like I am ok>
[21:08] c64glen: I hurt those men for you?
[21:08] c64glen: Don’t go without telling me you like it
[21:09] *** “serious_lover84” signed off at Tue Mar 07 21:09:08 2006.

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