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Scambaiter – SandraThompson205 – Part 1

It’s been ages since I did a good scambaiter so when Sandra ThompsonĀ <> popped up and my screen, I thought I would take fullĀ advantage.

(6:49:58 PM) sandrathompson205: hello dear
(6:50:25 PM) c64glen: hi
(6:51:10 PM) sandrathompson205: where have you been since all this while
(6:51:23 PM) sandrathompson205: hmmmm …
(6:51:44 PM) c64glen: no where special
(6:51:50 PM) c64glen: just prison
(6:52:37 PM) sandrathompson205: prison?
(6:52:51 PM) c64glen: yeah, but not like that…
(6:53:03 PM) c64glen: just for assault and rape
(6:53:39 PM) sandrathompson205: oh am so sorry,is that all serious
(6:53:57 PM) c64glen: nah, that’s not serious
(6:54:03 PM) c64glen: I mean I could have killed them
(6:54:19 PM) sandrathompson205: just be wondering why have yo not be online all this while
(6:54:27 PM) c64glen: sending me to prison was a complete over reaction
(6:54:29 PM) sandrathompson205: hahahha
(6:54:40 PM) sandrathompson205: who are those?
(6:54:40 PM) c64glen: It’s not like they were English
(6:55:03 PM) sandrathompson205: where did they come from?
(6:56:17 PM) c64glen: bah, who cares.. they were all, blah, blah, don’t hurt me, blah, blah. Stupid people can’t even English properly.
(6:57:23 PM) sandrathompson205: they must be crazy,but never mind,am happy they did not kill you
(6:57:46 PM) c64glen: Yeah me too. Kill me with their AIDS
(6:57:50 PM) sandrathompson205: i should have come over there to push them where they belong
(6:58:06 PM) c64glen: Yeah, I would like you to push them right up it
(6:58:26 PM) sandrathompson205: they are aids pati or what?ent
(6:58:51 PM) sandrathompson205: oh honey you have to becareful
(6:59:54 PM) c64glen: Yes, I am always careful. I poured acid on them afterwards…
(7:00:49 PM) sandrathompson205: wow!!!!!!!!!!
(7:01:04 PM) c64glen: just on their bits, you know
(7:01:15 PM) sandrathompson205: nah you went too far honey
(7:01:26 PM) c64glen: that’s what they said
(7:01:43 PM) sandrathompson205: okies
(7:01:48 PM) sandrathompson205: i see
(7:02:29 PM) sandrathompson205: any way lets forget them for now and put them aside okay
(7:02:59 PM) c64glen: Yes. Yes, I forget them already
(7:03:43 PM) sandrathompson205: very good to hear that
(7:03:52 PM) c64glen: so whats up with you then?
(7:04:26 PM) sandrathompson205: so how are you feeling now
(7:04:35 PM) sandrathompson205: am good
(7:05:56 PM) c64glen: I am great. Fresh air is good
(7:06:05 PM) c64glen: so what have you been up to in all this time?
(7:06:27 PM) sandrathompson205: nothing just missed you
(7:06:42 PM) sandrathompson205: and about what i discuss with you last time
(7:06:45 PM) c64glen: you’ve done nothing at all?
(7:07:03 PM) sandrathompson205: am working
(7:07:20 PM) sandrathompson205: am in cotonou now
(7:08:08 PM) sandrathompson205: because of the property issues i told you baout last time we had coversation
(7:09:06 PM) c64glen: yes, yes. Your house fell down, because of the rats or something?
(7:09:45 PM) sandrathompson205: nope
(7:09:56 PM) c64glen: then remind me
(7:10:39 PM) sandrathompson205: my father work with gold field in ghana before he died
(7:11:33 PM) c64glen: Gold in a field? I though it was in Volcano’s, with the Dinosaurs?
(7:12:05 PM) sandrathompson205: hahah pls be serious for once
(7:12:19 PM) sandrathompson205: this is not joke matter at all
(7:12:52 PM) c64glen: I’m not joking. the internet is very serious business. no time for funny
(7:15:21 PM) sandrathompson205: i wanted to claim all my father property an d come to london or go back to canada,but the company lawyer told my that if i dont have husband or beneficiary they cannot realease this propery for me
(7:17:13 PM) sandrathompson205: so i will need your help as my benefiary if you can talk to the solicitor for me please
(7:18:31 PM) sandrathompson205: are you there
(7:18:36 PM) c64glen: right, so I talk to a solicitor
(7:18:44 PM) c64glen: who does that work?
(7:20:52 PM) sandrathompson205: yes iwant you to stand as my beneficiary as elder man,and tell the barrister you are ready to claim sandra father properties
(7:21:15 PM) c64glen: right ok. So I need to talk to a barrister as well?
(7:21:39 PM) sandrathompson205: yes
(7:21:55 PM) c64glen: ok, how do I contact all these people?
(7:22:40 PM) sandrathompson205: i will give the email address so you wil contact
(7:22:56 PM) sandrathompson205: they explain in detail s to you
(7:23:03 PM) c64glen: ok, that would be goooooood
(7:23:12 PM) sandrathompson205: i know i can trust you right?
(7:23:46 PM) c64glen: ofcourse I am nothing but I man of high standing.
(7:23:56 PM) c64glen: well when I say standing, I don’t mean I’m tall
(7:24:07 PM) c64glen: but people still look up to me
(7:24:14 PM) c64glen: or they’ll get hurt
(7:24:40 PM) c64glen: kinda like… Trust me or I’ll smash your face in.
(7:24:45 PM) c64glen: and then your backdoors
(7:24:59 PM) c64glen: and then possibly your face again
(7:25:22 PM) sandrathompson205: hmmm….sound motivated
(7:25:29 PM) c64glen: exactly!
(7:25:46 PM) sandrathompson205: i want to look upon you and God
(7:26:05 PM) c64glen: yes, you will look upon me as god
(7:27:10 PM) sandrathompson205: because the propety worth million of pounds whick i cannot let it go just like thata
(7:27:26 PM) sandrathompson205: thanks my dear,
(7:28:10 PM) c64glen: awesome. Send me the details, and I’ll beat the money out of them with my special stick.
(7:28:34 PM) sandrathompson205: thanks honey
(7:28:58 PM) c64glen: no problems. dearling

Part Two coming next week, it get’s a lot better.

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5 thoughts on “Scambaiter – SandraThompson205 – Part 1

  • Part 2 will come next week, and Part 3 the week after….

  • I am literally on a knife edge now. I am desperate to find out which way this one goes. Please don’t keep me waiting too long or I fear for my sanity and the safety of those around me.


    Great work glen, I await the next installment!

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