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Scambaiter – o boy u no serious oooooooooooooo

Let me introduce you to another internet love scammer, this one was fun, I was in no doubt she was fake when her name changed from Katherine to Sharon. She found me via bingbox and she was soon sending me emails telling me about herself and how she had $93,000 worth of Antiques seized by the customs before finally contacting me via Yahoo messenger

tropicahillsron: Hello babe, how u doing today
c64glen: Hi! I am alive and well, how are you ?
tropicahillsron: im not feeling bad, im not happy
c64glen: why is that? Are you on? Is Aunt Flow visiting?
tropicahillsron: im here, About the money now
c64glen: the money now?
tropicahillsron: yes, have you forgetting what i told you about the money transfer?
c64glen: I am very busy this week. I have much masturbating to do
tropicahillsron: where are you now?
c64glen: I am home, with it all in hand.
tropicahillsron: location love right now country?
c64glen: the same one as when we last spoke? You have already forgotten? This makes me sad
tropicahillsron: yes love
c64glen: why do you forget me so quickly?
tropicahillsron: sorry all is about my goods at the custom office
C64glen: but what about me,I thought you wanted my cock?
tropicahillsron: sure, when I back to state we can meet in person
c64glen: ok… which state?
tropicahillsron: to UK and state,..florida in usa
c64glen: hang on, one minute… I’m just having a wank
tropicahillsron: okay sweetie
c64glen: Oh that was a good one. I jizzed in your name….
tropicahillsron: how? jixxed?
c64glen: shot my load, cum
tropicahillsron: how??????
c64glen: I was rubbing myself over your picture until my cock exploded
tropicahillsron: i don’t still understand sweetie….
c64glen: I took my hand and put it on my cock and took my other hand and took a dump on it and then I was rubbing the dump in my face
tropicahillsron: wow………. that cool country pls?
c64glen: then I pulled my cock
tropicahillsron: tell me
c64glen: and hot love piss came out
tropicahillsron: wow ty, country? tell me
c64glen: My country is Hans Island
tropicahillsron: usa or where?
c64glen: It is Island between Cananada and Denmark
tropicahillsron: Do you have cam?
c64glen: I have cum
tropicahillsron: But,. you told me you from UK.
c64glen: it is part of UK, we honour our Queen
tropicahillsron: Oh ic, do you have webcam?
c64glen: no, my webcam was made of fire
tropicahillsron: really, how does your cam made of my fire?
c64glen: yes, it did make big noise and orange
tropicahillsron: yes love, But hun im sure you can asista me about the money i want to use to clear my good at custom office
c64glen: how can I do this strange and wonderful act?
tropicahillsron: love what do you mean?
c64glen: HOW CAN I HELP, Jesus Christ, you are slow sometimes
tropicahillsron: If you can assist me with teh 1,000$ So i can give you my hotel manager info to send me the money via western union
c64glen: with teh 1,000$? What is that in proper money?
tropicahillsron: proper money?
c64glen: proper money is the good old British Euro pound not the NAZI AMERICANIO DOLLAORS
tropicahillsron: So You have us dollars,pounds,euro?
c64glen: yes, one of those
tropicahillsron: okay,..
c64glen: also what is western onion?
tropicahillsron: thats is where you will go to send the money to me, you can send money via western union money transfer to anybody in any part of the world
c64glen: why is it an onion?
tropicahillsron: its union, western union money transfer
c64glen: ah yes, this is a thing my friend told me, you know my friend he works for a company in Africa
tropicahillsron: what
c64glen: is called EFCC do you know it?
tropicahillsron: you mad
tropicahillsron: no
tropicahillsron: nop
tropicahillsron: nop
c64glen: why mad?
tropicahillsron: nothing
tropicahillsron: I don’t no efcc
c64glen: my friend he says he works for EFCC, I met him on Internet, he say don’t use that onion
tropicahillsron: can you send me the money now? love
tropicahillsron: Its not EFCC okay, its a lie, How can efcc be talking to u online
c64glen: I don’t know, so you know EFCC?
tropicahillsron: nop
tropicahillsron: yes
c64glen: yes or no? I don’t understand. this man, he speaks to my other friend he tell him about Internet people
tropicahillsron: yes
c64glen: they look for them, or something
tropicahillsron: Wait do you have the efcc address and number
tropicahillsron: o boy u no serious oooooooooooooo
tropicahillsron: kilo se e bayi now
c64glen: what I don’t understand? I gave him your details he asked about my African friends He said he would like to visit them
tropicahillsron: give me his address name phone number
c64glen: Yes, I gave him all your details.
tropicahillsron: u did not
c64glen: no, I give him your details
tropicahillsron: how why? What my details
c64glen: Because he asked for all my African friend details. I sent your name, your emails, your friends details, your IP address. His name was Shehu
tropicahillsron: bye
c64glen: he said he visits Internet cafes to see my African friends
tropicahillsron: get away, what is my IP address? TELL ME
c64glen: IP address is the address of your computer. It tells people where you are
tropicahillsron: sorry, don’t talk to me again okay
c64glen: can we not still be friends, I have money?
tropicahillsron: nop i don’t need your money
c64glen: ok, thanks bye. I tell me friend all about you,
c64glen: Hope he visits you soon.

If you want to know more about the EFCC check this

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