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Scambaiter – Jesus is watching you Peter

This one started when I got an a message from a gentlemen claiming to be “manage of ghana gold miner compery of ghana”. He told me he was called John Lugman but during the course of our conversions he also used the following details; Peter Love, kawme kojo and peter_mensah20 which I found highly confusing.

He has been bothering me for a phone number since early September, here the first example of the fun I had with him.

[18:53] peter_mensah20: hello how are u
[18:54] c64glen: I am good, how are you?
[18:54] peter_mensah20: this john lugmen, ok, do u know me from face-pic, i send u mail
[18:55] c64glen: yes
[18:55] peter_mensah20: do u see my mail
[18:55] c64glen: yes, I mean to rape you very soon
[18:55] peter_mensah20: ok, i hope to se u rapely ok
[18:55] c64glen: I had much business to do today.
[18:56] peter_mensah20: ok, so can u send me mail now
[18:56] c64glen: I will try and look at it now. Please tell me about you while I look
[18:57] peter_mensah20: ok, i am john luman from ghana, i am 25 of age and u
[18:58] c64glen: I am 31 years of age, I am youngest businessman on the east side of western inter nets
[18:58] peter_mensah20: ok, i like that , so can u give me u number so i can call u to night and telk about it, or u can call me to night
[19:00] c64glen: I have Internet Ebusiness, so all my numbers ar Internet numbers. Do you have the internet phones?
[19:01] peter_mensah20: no, but can u call me, so i can give u my number ok, so that u call me
[19:01] c64glen: ok, give me your number
[19:02] c64glen: I will see if I can call it uses my special internet phone
[19:03] peter_mensah20: pls give me u number i will tryn to get one and call u ok
[19:04] c64glen: my internets number =
[19:04] peter_mensah20: u try to end me mail ok i am going to collect the number ok
[19:04] c64glen: Sorry? I don’t understand your crazy speak. what do you mean? Are you calling me names?
[19:05] peter_mensah20: no
[19:06] c64glen: so have you a number?
[19:06] peter_mensah20: how can i call u names
[19:06] c64glen: you better not
[19:06] peter_mensah20: yes
[19:06] c64glen: good
[19:07] peter_mensah20: ok i will mai u with and i will add the number ok, so u see it in ur in box ok
[19:07] c64glen: ok, that is very good. So why do you have so many names?
[19:07] peter_mensah20: ok my good fried
[19:08] c64glen: Peter Love/JOPHN LUGMAN/kawme kojo/peter_mensah20 are you a spy?
[19:09] peter_mensah20: my name is john lugman
[19:09] peter_mensah20: ok i ues those name to join the site ok
[19:10] c64glen: ok, John. I beleive you
[19:10] peter_mensah20: thank u, i are a good friend
[19:11] c64glen: Are you gay? Your face-pic profile says you are Gay
[19:11] peter_mensah20: no
[19:11] c64glen: so you don’t want to get gay with me?
[19:11] peter_mensah20: are u a gay
[19:12] c64glen: not all the time
[19:12] peter_mensah20: ok that is good
[19:12] c64glen: only when Jesus tells me it is ok. I talk to Jesus he tells me what to do, do you like Jesus?
[19:13] peter_mensah20: yes very much
[19:13] c64glen: Good, Good. Jesus tells me he wants to be in your life, Will you let Jesus in your life?
[19:13] peter_mensah20: so u can talk to jesus
[19:14] c64glen: Yes, Jesus is in my heart
[19:14] peter_mensah20: yes need he , very much
[19:14] c64glen: Jesus wants you in his life, but he says you have sins to confess
[19:14] c64glen: he says you need to confess these sins
[19:14] peter_mensah20: yes that is good ok u have to worship god frist
[19:15] c64glen: Jesus wants you to confess your sins now.
[19:15] peter_mensah20: i did not know
[19:15] c64glen: Jesus say I should do business with you, but you must confess to me first
[19:15] peter_mensah20: so if he can tell the type of sins
[19:16] c64glen: Jesus says you know what Sins you need to confuss
[19:16] c64glen: Jesus says he has seen you sin and you should not hide from him
[19:16] peter_mensah20: ok frist i was bad boy but now i am bone again ok
[19:17] c64glen: What did you do to become a bad boy?
[19:17] peter_mensah20: ok i will bey god to forgive me ok
[19:17] c64glen: no, you making Jesus angry. You must confess now
[19:18] peter_mensah20: i was follow bad boy to do bad thing we fight people
[19:18] c64glen: yes… what else
[19:19] peter_mensah20: we smook
[19:19] c64glen: yes… what else
[19:19] peter_mensah20: we take acholic
[19:19] c64glen: yes… what else
[19:19] peter_mensah20: next time ok
[19:20] c64glen: no, Jesus says you must tell us about it now.
[19:20] c64glen: He says there is one more… The worst one
[19:20] peter_mensah20: do u send me the mail now
[19:20] c64glen: He speaks of a carnal sin…
[19:21] c64glen: you wants you confess your carnal sin before we can do business
[19:21] peter_mensah20: ok
[19:21] c64glen: Jesus is waiting
[19:22] peter_mensah20: the lest one is the i fight my mother , father and my eld brothers
[19:22] peter_mensah20: that is the lest one that i know ok, can jesus forgive me now

[19:23] c64glen: no, no, no. Jesus says the sin is carnal
[19:24] peter_mensah20: what is the mean of caral
[19:24] c64glen: Carnal is Sex
[19:24] peter_mensah20: yes i have sex too
[19:24] c64glen: Jesus wants to know the lurid details
[19:25] peter_mensah20: yes
[19:25] c64glen: Jesus likes to hear you carnal sins. tell him more about your sex
[19:26] peter_mensah20: u know that hamen being can not tell all the sins cos he forget some ok
[19:26] peter_mensah20: i have sex with girl and pay their

[19:26] c64glen: Jesus says there is a little more to tell
[19:27] peter_mensah20: my good friend pls i will tell u more if i remeber ok
[19:27] peter_mensah20: if i mail u i will add more to it ok

[19:28] c64glen: ok, I will send email now.
[19:28] c64glen: Jesus is happy for you to email about your sex
[19:28] peter_mensah20: so u try to mail me ok so that i can use to send u that massge
[19:29] c64glen: yes
[19:29] peter_mensah20: i like the way u chat
[19:29] c64glen: me too
[19:29] c64glen: (Jesus is also quite impressed)
[19:30] peter_mensah20: yes jesus like people like u to be with he all the time
[19:30] c64glen: yes, Jesus walks withme
[19:30] peter_mensah20: that is good
[19:32] peter_mensah20: so i will send u all the doucment tomorrow ok
[19:32] peter_mensah20: so that u can see ok

Tune in for more fun with Peter next week.

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  • Struck gold!

    [19:26] peter_mensah20: i have sex with girl and pay their

  • peter_mensah20 was a gold mine, I almost miss him.

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