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Scambaiter – I still did not kill my wife, lrn_fish!

lrn_fish was one the scamming jerks that had added me to yahoo messenger a while ago but until stop talking to me after I kinda said I may have killed my wife.

(5:55:47 PM) lrn_fish: hi
(5:55:55 PM) c64glen: harrlo
(5:56:29 PM) lrn_fish: wassup
(5:56:33 PM) lrn_fish: how have u ben
(5:56:44 PM) c64glen: I have been, and how have you?
(5:56:47 PM) lrn_fish: each time i come around u are always idle
(5:56:59 PM) c64glen: because I’m not always at my computer
(5:57:11 PM) lrn_fish: have been too
(5:57:23 PM) c64glen: that is great
(5:57:36 PM) lrn_fish: well
(5:57:43 PM) lrn_fish: no workin today?>
(5:57:51 PM) c64glen: not much no
(5:58:19 PM) lrn_fish: hope nothing much?
(5:58:42 PM) c64glen: I hope for that too
(5:58:59 PM) lrn_fish: hows ur gf
(5:59:17 PM) c64glen: ur gf? what is that?
(5:59:27 PM) lrn_fish: girl friend
(5:59:57 PM) lrn_fish: u told me u had 1 the last time
(6:00:19 PM) c64glen: erm, no
(6:00:21 PM) c64glen: I didn’t
(6:00:28 PM) c64glen: I had a girl friend
(6:00:31 PM) c64glen: but she died
(6:00:44 PM) lrn_fish: oh am sorry
(6:00:56 PM) c64glen: I may have sodomised her corpse, but she is dead
(6:01:51 PM) lrn_fish: i am in a dilenma
(6:02:11 PM) c64glen: what’s a dilenma?
(6:02:24 PM) c64glen: Is that a dirty disease?
(6:02:35 PM) lrn_fish: no
(6:02:19 PM) lrn_fish: i really need some help from a friend
(6:02:29 PM) lrn_fish: am in a tight corner right now
(6:02:51 PM) c64glen: are you stuck in the corner? is that where the computer is?
(6:03:13 PM) lrn_fish: its a situation where u have two unfavorable options at ur reach,
(6:03:24 PM) lrn_fish: where are u now?
(6:03:33 PM) lrn_fish: are u in the states
(6:03:37 PM) c64glen: at my computer
(6:03:41 PM) c64glen: which is in the corner
(6:03:47 PM) c64glen: but I’m not stuck in the corner
(6:03:51 PM) c64glen: or at the computer
(6:03:59 PM) c64glen: no matter what people say
(6:04:12 PM) lrn_fish: i dont mean corner literally, i mean it literary
(6:04:23 PM) lrn_fish: are u a numbskull?
(6:04:33 PM) lrn_fish: or a schmuck
(6:04:38 PM) lrn_fish: or a schnook
(6:04:47 PM) lrn_fish: or a nimcompoo?
(6:04:57 PM) lrn_fish: did u go to school at all?
(6:05:00 PM) c64glen: I choose nimcompoo
(6:05:04 PM) lrn_fish: are u a kid?
(6:05:07 PM) c64glen: nimcompoo, sound cool
(6:05:09 PM) lrn_fish: good
(6:05:23 PM) lrn_fish: i gat to go
(6:05:28 PM) lrn_fish: talk to u soon
(6:05:47 PM) c64glen: ok, but i herd u liek mudkip.
(6:05:50 PM) lrn_fish: i hope u are at ur computer next time alright , so take care nimcompoo
(6:06:02 PM) lrn_fish: later
(6:06:05 PM) c64glen: ta-ta
(6:06:15 PM) lrn_fish: cha -cha

Mr Fish seems to be getting quite brave, insulting his betters. Just wait until I speak to him again.

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