Revolution exhibit at the Computer History Museum

Classic video game hardware from the revolution exhibit
Classic video game hardware from the Revolution exhibit

The Computer History Museum is home to the largest international collection of computing artifacts in the world. The museum leads the world in exploring the history of computing and its impact of humanity and society.

The Computer History Museum was established in 1999 and since then has displayed thousands of computer related items from hardware to software, photographs, documents and more. Just recently, they unveiled their latest exhibit, Revolution.

Revolution looks at the first 2000 years of computing from the abacus to the smart phone. The great thing about this exhibit is it has something for everyone from the history buffs to the gaming geeks. The exhibit is massive featuring 19 galleries and five mini-theaters that will show high definition videos produced by the museum.

Of course, there is a video game portion of the exhibit for the classic gamer in all of us. The gaming section showcases key pieces of hardware and games from various companies throughout history and tells us about their impact on not only us gamers, but history itself.

Obsolete Gamer is currently working on an interview with a member of the Computer History Museum to bring you more information. However, if you are in Mountain View, California you can check out the exhibit firsthand.

The Computer History Museum building
The Computer History Museum building

You can see some great images of the video game portion of the exhibit over on Gamestop.

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