Raccoon City or Silent Hill

Raccoon City or Silent Hill

Why did you talk to the girl with the sexy Myspace photo that lived in the middle of nowhere? You knew that either you would end up with a serious case of blue-balls or you would end up making a lost trip to the town that time forgot. The things we do for sex and she was a sure thing, but now it is time to make the drive home only to realize it will be months before you make the trek back to see her again that is if you ever go back.

Perhaps the visions of her naked body claimed your attention at the wrong moment, but soon you find yourself on a road you don’t know. Your phone isn’t working and as you go further and further your only hope is that you can turn around or find a gas station because you really need to take a piss.

You spot a road sign that just reads “Choice, 1 mile ahead.” What the hell kind of a road sign is this, you think to yourself, but before you have a chance to curse the department of transportation you see the roads ahead of you and the choice you have to make.

Raccoon City, Silent Hill

So, which one will it be, Raccoon city where you are bound to meet some zombie-type creatures and other abominations not to mention umbrella goons, or do you go to Silent Hill which could be any incarnation of the games or even the movies, or maybe they will force you to watch the second movie which is a horror to behold.

What’s it gonna be?

Pyramid Head

[youtube id=”BnaAM4mHzEY” width=”633″ height=”356″]


Dead Lasers?

[youtube id=”e8gfGhVL3qs” width=”633″ height=”356″]

You vote and tell us which one you would choose and if you think you can turn back, ya, you tried that and it lead you right back here.

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