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Question of the Week : So, what is your biggest money mistake?

Every week the ObscureInternet Forum ponders a Question of the Week, this week it is So, what is your biggest money mistake?


Not getting a student loan.

I've never had a student loan which means I have no debt. This however with hindsight was a stupid mistake. The interest on a student loan is about 2%. For the 4 years I was a student I could have had a student loan in a high interest savings account paying ~5%. I could have left this in for 4 years, paid off the whole some when I finished and pocketed the 3% interest on £12000 over 4 years.
I'd have made loads of money for free without any hassle.
I didn't and I've regretted it for years

Mamma Jamma

Getting a credit card in order to up my credit rating, the idea was to only spend around £20-£40 a month. It's now nearly maxed out and the money I pay off it every month could indeed be best spent elsewhere! Hey ho you live you learn.


By far and away was not getting a £90k house 7 years ago, it would of been a struggle at the time, but today it is on the market for £270k.

The £3k I've chucked at the pile of shit car pales into insignificance compared to the £180k I missed out on because I was nervous of comitting anouther £300 a month on the morgage.


Being a spend thrift when i was younger. Im now stuck with a stupidly sized loan which east away most of my wage for the next 3 years.


Approximately £40.

I applied for a passport online in about 2004, paid the fees using my card. They sent the forms to me. I lost the form.

In September 2006, after applying, using fresh forms via the post office, I got a passport, paying for it again.

A few months later, I find the original forms, and a few weeks later, recieve a letter saying that the 2004 forms are now useless, and I was entitled to a refund if I send the old 2004 form back.

I lose the form, the letter, and the reply address. Fuck.


Nothing major here, possibly selling my 42" plasma TV to my sister for £150 because I was in a good mood. I mean, what was I thinking!!

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