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Public Opinion: The Sangria incident


This is a new segment for Obscure Internet. We all read a ton of stuff on the internet from news reports to message boards, but what stands out plenty of times are the user comments. This new segment will profile a news story or article and then list some of the funnier (weirder) comments found.

Restaurant gives Fla. toddler sangria, not juice

This story comes from the Associated Press and was found on Yahoo News.

The gist of the story is at an Olive Garden a toddler was given Sangria, an alcoholic drink instead of Orange Juice. Apparently this happened before at an Applebee’s. The child is ok, but it was an ordeal for the parent and the child.

Now let’s see some of the comments left by members of the site:

Herb – Think of the poor schlub who ordered sangria and got orange juice instead.

Antler All Big – “Shortly after downing the beverage, Nikolai slapped the waitress on the rear, adding, “Got milk?””

Do not Tread on Me – The folks in Lakeland are not the smartest people on the planet. But you would think living in the center of biggest citrus producer in the wold would know the differance between orange juice and wine.

M – What’s the problem here? Sangria is more expensive than orange juice….the baby got a GREAT deal…..Jeez…….lol

Special Agent 69 – I think I’ll order some fruit juice and wait for them to bring me a margarita instead.

Mr. 0 – Can the guy who ordered sangria and got OJ instead get on the news too?

Tom r – Olive Garden.. When you’re here, you’re family.  I always give my toddlers sangria. That’s why we are a happy family. 🙂

Sam M – My kid throws a holy hell fit if we don’t go to Applebees or Olive Garden latelyt for some reason…

Roofus Jones – What’s the big deal? Was the kid caught driving around looking for hookers with Charlie Sheen later that night?

STFU! Now! – The kid is a miniature Ted Kennedy.

TW – When the kid ordered his juice “straight up” that should have been a clue…

Wallio S – hey the kid was quiet during dinner and didnt disurb the other patrons.

C – Well, If he’s old enough to get body searched at the airport……

Tim – Wow! I could’ve had a V8.

Richard Noggin – There’s a lot of drunks down in Florida. He’s just starting a little early !

There are a ton more good comments, check out the article for more.


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  • I’ll have what he’s having.

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