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The Obsolete Gamer Show: Rahul Sood

With eSports taking the world by storm with numbers that rival the World Series and the college football championship fans now have a new way to enjoy this brand new American pastime. In this episode of G.P.S. we profile Rahul Sood, a true entrepreneur that founded the gaming PC Company Voodoo and created the first incubation fund for startups at Microsoft and eventually became the global head of Microsoft Ventures.

His new company Unikrn gives fans of eSports a place to bet on top tier players and tournaments. As a fan of sports and fantasy leagues this intrigued me and I had a lot of questions and Mr. Sood was happy to answer them all. Unikrn sees their business as a way to get eSports the attention it deserves, rivaling other team based sports leagues like the NFL or NBA. It’s quite a goal and if successful could change the face of eSports the way companies such as Draft Kings has.

Check out the interview and judge for yourself.

You can check out Unikrn here


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