Portal 2: Coming this Holiday Season

Portal 2
Portal 2

Portal is just one of those games that if you get into it you become totally engrossed in it. The game-play is fun, the puzzles are great and the sounds and music is awesome. Portal was widely played during its first release, on the Orange Box and even in flash game remakes.

Now get ready for Portal 2. Valve has confirmed that Portal 2 is set for release this holiday season. Now what they did not say is what platform it will be released for, but I’m a betting man and I’m sure it will be multiplatform, PC and Console.

There have been little hints and teases from Valve this past week including, updating the first Portal on its Steam client with new Morse code sound files, and even a new ending sequence. So now we have confirmation. This will defiantly be a game to watch and as more information becomes available we will bring it to you.

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