POD: Pac-Man Fever

Pac Man Room
Pac Man Room

Ever walk into someone’s room and they decorate it in one theme and it freaks you out because there is so much of it? In this case, these kids have some serious Pac-Man fever, or their parents do. Let us breakdown what we see here and before we do thanks to Vintage Computing and Gaming for the scan.

  1. Pac-Man lunchbox with some delicious trans-fats inside because we had those back then
  2. Pac-Man beach towel for the ladies who used to have figures
  3. Pac-Man face towel because people use to use face towels
  4. Pac-Man bed sheets because your drugged date will get the reference
  5. Pac-Man night shirt – A little to short, Chris Hansen is waiting
  6. Pac-Man card game – In your face Pokemon
  7. Pac-Man board game – The graphics are better than the original
  8. Mini Pac-Man arcade game – Damn you Jimmy for stealing mine at show and tell
  9. Pac-Mania game – Yes we get it
  10. Pac-Man addict poster – We understand how the drug use started
  11. Pac-Man short sleeve shirt – That kid looks creepy with a forced smile
  12. Pac-Man sweat shirt – Child labor was strong back then
  13. Pac-Man Fever album – Yes, there was an album
  14. Pac-Man pillow case – This case was used in the great pillow fight love in of 87
  15. Unidentified Pac-Man game – Now I understand why the girl is not smiling
  16. Pac-Man chalk board – People use to use them outside of school
  17. Pac-Man Poster II – Kidnapper John Smith says he got the idea from this poster
  18. Pac-Man pajama’s – They look much better on someone post-teen

There you have it and there was and still is a ton more items they could have tossed in that room. Check out some other ads for various Pac-Man products.

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