The Pirates Cove: Famicom Carts 2

Street Fighter IV and Adventure Island 2 famicom carts


Behold are the pirate carts Street Fighter IV and Adventure Island 2. These were a nice addition to my pirate Famicom collection because of Street Fighter IV. The game is really hard to come by making it rare but also it’s a rare game that’s worth every penny because it’s one of the best fighters for the Famicom. This game is so great you can even fight using the playboy bunnies! It’s a nice addition to anyone that wants something different to play on their Famicom as well as rare. Adventure Island 2 is also unique since it lets you pick the island you start on. You also get a lot more lives! It’s great to get a little help from the pirates….

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Luis Zena

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3 thoughts on “The Pirates Cove: Famicom Carts 2

  • WTF Street Fighter 4 for SNES? LOL!

  • The fact… is rare and beautiful is that I have it 🙂

    (to admin: link in the my nick you can leave, to other people who commented there is no such objections… thanks, please delete the comment above)

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