Pac-Man Battle Royale super-sizes in new deluxe cabinet

The iconic Pac-Man never seems to leave the gaming scene for long, and the current arcade scene once again has a case of Pac-Man Fever.

Pac-Man Battle Royal

Pac-Man Battle Royale super-sizes in new deluxe cabinet

Pac-Man Battle Royale Deluxe is a recent coin-op release that stands out in any location or video arcade.  Launched in December, this new release takes the Pac-Man Battle Royale release from 2011 and places it into a large multi-player stand-up cabinet with each player having their own control station.

Similar at a glance of the popular Pac-Man Championship Edition games for home consoles, PMBR pits players against one another in a “last Pac-Man standing” battle.  Check out the description from Namco’s sales materials for the game.

Pac-Man Battle Royale is the first four player competitive Pac-Man arcade game. The original Pac-Man game concept has been given a cannibalistic twist: Eliminate your opponents by eating them and the last Pac-Man standing wins the round. When players eat a power pellet, they power-up by doubling in size and increasing in speed. Once powered up, they are now able to eat non powered-up blue players and ghosts. Players of the same size simply bounce off each other. Players can also be eliminated by running into ghosts if there aren’t any powered up players. Eating a piece of fruit or all of the pellets resets the maze with a fresh new set of power pellets. The game is simple, competitive, and highly addictive. The deluxe cabinet’s glowing lights and large viewing monitor make this the perfect centerpiece for any location.

Dave & Busters locations are among the first to feature the huge deluxe cabinets.  Check out the slideshow to the left to see a deeper look at this newest arcade release.

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Patrick Scott Patterson

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  • That looks AWESOME! I have never played competitive Pac-Man before 🙂

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