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ObscureInternet Mug – A Review

As an admin at Obscure Internet, I have recently received an OI branded mug to hold and dispense my beverages. I was asked to write some words (about it), and now this is a review (of it).

As mugs go, it’s excellent. It has no holes to allow drinks to escape, except for the large hole at the top which acts as an entry/exit point for the drink. The mug takes only the slightest angling to extract the tea or coffee, but this angling can change depending on the amount of liquid left in the receptacle.


The OI branding is of the highest quality, spelt correctly and it hasn’t been removed after a good 20 washes in fairy liquid. Top marks up to now, you might think; is this the mug to top all mugs? Unfortunately, you’d be spectacularly wrong.

The extremely white nature of the mug is a problem. Just one cup of tea can reduce it to a browned mess, which is difficult to remove.


But the branding is the main issue. You can’t see from the pictures, but it’s only on one side. So, when I hold the mug with my right hand, the logo faces toward me. This is no good for a promotional item! I want the world to see where my mug is from, without having to dislocate my wrist. Shoddy craftsmanship, if you ask me.

In conclusion, this mug is an adequate (if not excellent) piece of ceramic drinks-holdage-and-dispensage. But as a promotional item, it’s only doing half a job. Therefore:

7/10 – Could do better!

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2 thoughts on “ObscureInternet Mug – A Review

  • It’s designed for Mouse in right hand and the Mug in the left hand.

  • I decided against it based on this article, instead I got a paper cup and set fire to my house.

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