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OGX Silly and Serious

OGX Silly and Serious

The Obsolete Gamer Experience is the spin-off to the Obsolete Gamer show and is a show for random craziness. Pretty much we talk about the games we have been playing and other things on our mind. However, we wanted to add a bit more to it and so we set-up a format for the show called Silly and Serious.

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How this works is we ask a silly question and then a serious question. We wanted to share the questions we will be asking with our fans.

The Q-List

What is the most epic kill you ever got in a video game?

Do you think there is a need to make fun of gamers?

Have you ever been pulled away from a game for sex and if so have you ever postponed sex for the game?

How do you feel about video game companies that focus more on downloadable content than bug fixes?

What are the best foods and drinks to consume during a gaming session?

What are your thoughts on Blizzard removing the auction house from Diablo 3 and what do you think of auction houses and real money auction houses in general?

Name games you would skip work/school to play.

On the upcoming MMO’s such as Everquest Next and Wildstar what will be the necessary things to do in order for it to be successful?

What are your thoughts on video game channels such as Twitch TV and the shows and gameplay videos shown on them?

Choose the following:

  1. A video game character to have a one night stand with
  2. A video game character to marry and have kids with
  3. A video game level or world to live the rest of your life in



What’s Next

So there are the questions. Now, we will also be sending these out to people we interviewed to see if we can get any answers from them. As for our fans, we will be tying in our contests directly to posts such as these. Meaning, if you answer any of these questions by leaving a comment on the website you earn points towards the drawing.

Some of the gifts will be very small and simple like video game branded playing cards or a figurine and others may be a 64GB hard drive or a new game or special keys. It’s pretty much like this, we want to build a community and we know people like to post and interact where everyone else does, so we are trying to break away from that by offering a little incentive, so I hope you will join us.

We will be premiering the show next week so stay tuned.

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