Obsolete Gamer T-Shirt Contest Ended

Obsolete Gamer Shirt
Obsolete Gamer shirt

The Obsolete Gamer T-Shirt Contest ended and the winners were Jeffrey Patrick and Phil Onitsuka. Gentlemen, let me know what size shirt you want. I have 2 XL Obsolete Gamer shirts already made but if you need a different size let me know. Send me an email or text me with your address so I take it to you or ship it to you. Thank you for your support and participation.

Another contest will be coming soon, this one with 3 winners and better prizes! I decided to give the first contest 2 winners rather than one at the last minute. Why not? 😀

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I've been gaming since the introduction of the Commodore 64. After that computer I moved onto Amiga and finally onto PC. As far as consoles go I mainly enjoy the older systems.

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