The Amiga CD32

Amiga CD32
Amiga CD32

Obsolete Commercials: The Amiga CD32

The Amiga CD32 was a nerfed Amiga 1200 in the form of a console. You could however add a mouse, hard drive, keyboard, and floppy drive to turn it into a full Amiga 1200.

The Amiga CD32 was plagued with a legal problem and Commodore was unable to openly sell it in North America.

For me, although I loved Amiga machines, this is just another console put out during the rush to try to get everybody to use systems with CD media. Most CD games at that time were utter crap but that didn’t matter, Commodore would be bankrupt about 6-7 months after the CD32 came out.

I had read years ago that Microsoft had bought the rights to the CD32 in part of the Commodore liquidation or in one of its reliquidations (companies kept selling the rights over and over), which they had bought the CD32 rights about 2 years before the original XBox came out.

Much like other crappy Commodore commercials, here is the one they put out for the CD32:

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