Nintendo 1DS Launching this Fall

With the huge success of the Wii U and the 2DS it was the perfect time to make this announcement.~J.A. Laraque

Nintendo 1DS Launching this Fall

For a while now people have been asking, “Why won’t Nintendo enter the mobile gaming market?” There have been a number of emulators and Nintendo-like games available for mobile systems, but a true Nintendo authorized mobile gaming unit eluded us, until now.

Nintendo 1DS

Coming November 12 is the Nintendo 1DS the portable system that will not only play all Nintendo titles from the NES to the GameCube, but will also play original DS titles. In addition, this handheld is a phone that can work on any mobile for carrier in Iran.

The Nintendo 1DS will have its own App store similar to the Apple or Android, (We did not mention Windows phones because seriously does anyone have a Windows phone, ok, that Nokia is cool. You remember Nokia right? Hey, what brand was the one that got infected with a virus and transformed in the Transformers move? Wait, didn’t that thing have missiles? Where did a phone get fuel to launch a missile?) that will allow you to download games. Classic NES game can go for as low as 99 cents, while newer titles can run as high as 9.99 or 99.99 or π.

The unit itself will start at –($99x^2) solve for x, and will feature a built-in NSA ready HD camera and video hidden cam recorder. Battery life is reported to be up to 12 hours when plugged in with a charger. Now, not only will you be able to play classic games, but many titles are being remade to support multiplayer and online play will tons of downloadable content, micro-transactions and no support for bugs ala Warner Bros Games.

So you might be asking yourself. Why now, why did Nintendo decide to do this. Well, part of it had to do with Flappy Bird. That scam, I mean, marketing program, proved very well for the developer. Also, we know Nintendo has had a long history of understanding the gaming market, especially in recent years including calling online gaming a fad and taking forever to switch to the compact disc format. With the huge success of the Wii U and the 2DS it was the perfect time to make this announcement.

Finally, and most importantly, it is April 1st and everyone knows the news you read on April 1 has to be real. It could not be say, a repost of a joke from last year when the website was created as a joke after the release of the 2DS. Especially, considering reputable sites like Obsolete Gamer have never done April fools posts before.

So head on our and get your 1DS today because like the people at Apple say, a fool and their money soon part.

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