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MySpace Interview – Roy Stone

So, who are you anyway?

Roy Stone, lead guitar and vocals on the Roy Stone material, also lead guitar with new Band Conquest, previously played with Free Spirit and Von Eist. A speed lead guitar player, consentrating on speed licks and feel rather than fast tracks, although there are a few fast Roy Stone tracks, Passion to mention one, check out and MySpace for more info on Roy Stone and Conquest, Gigs and recording, hundreds of pictures on the myspace page too!

I write and record many, many Rock/ Metal songs, there is a box with 150 DAT tapes each with an original demo on it, a hard drive that needs recovering with 65 tracks on it and 35 tracks on the current studio drive. Any serious London Rock Metal Drummers who fancy recording 200 songs and performing live should definitely contacting me. I sing and play live but am always glad of a stand up singer, such as Kevin Eardley in Conquest, my main instrument is the BC Rich of which I currently have 3, I love the tone, the action and the Rock/ Metal based pick up sound and controls, I am a bit of a speed king on these things, they are part of me and I love playing them to the point of possibly being obsessive.

I have my own small digital studio and make tracks from start to finish, although live performance is the biggest thing for me, the recording is the nitty gritty work and the only true communication medium for music. I am a keen member of the local rock club in London, the Rock Matrix and I do one man lead guitar lead guitar thrash outs for them, as well as Band Gigs with Conquest, who I have played all over the UK with this year. I like to party big time and I am very well known round Londons Rock Scene.

Describe your sound for us.

My current sound is actually a copy of a sound from a rack electronic unit that I couldn’t use due to a bass tone that rattled the speakers on hi-fi and headphones. What’s strange is that the copied sound is better, especially live. I have had some rather over effected sounds in the past, but I am over the gadget buzz now, and am happy with the glorious Metal sound I have presently, and won’t change for as long while, as long as I have my BC Richs I suppose.

So you rate yourself then?

Possibly the fastest lead guitar in the world (but not the fastest songs in the world)!

Who are your influences?

Popular commercial Rock and Metal, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Metallica and whatever plays around the clubs. I love Metal generally.

Tell us one of your musical secrets.

I use a bit of fuel pipe from one of those engined radio controlled cars to make the Tremelo arm stay in place, ha ha!

What’s in the future?

Endless recording and gigs.

What’s your claim to fame?

I am Roy Stone of course!!!

Musically, where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

I am an immovable object, I will be recording and playing Metal.

Myspace or Facebook?

Facebook kicked me out for publicising my band, so Myspace wins for me.

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