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MySpace Interview – F-BATS

So, who are you anyway?


Describe your sound for us.

Beard punk.

So you rate yourself then?


Who are your influences?

Hot Water Music, Michael Bublé, The Lawrence Arms, Algernon Cadwalader, Paint it Black, Champion, Polar Bear Club, Cheeky etc.

Tell us one of your musical secrets.

Giles can’t play trumpet. When we play live we have a backing track playing all his parts.

What’s in the future?

Tours, new recordings blah blah blah

What’s your claim to fame?

We’ve all slept with Donagh of Jesse James.

Musically, where do you see yourself in 10 years time?


Myspace or Facebook?


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J.A. Laraque

J.A. Laraque is a freelance writer and novelist. His passion for writing mixed with a comedic style and intelligent commentary has brought him success in his various endeavors. Whatever the subject, J.A. has an opinion on it and will present it in writing with an insight and flair that is both refreshing and informative.

2 thoughts on “MySpace Interview – F-BATS

  • Love it. Really well arranged and played shambolic rock! Completely OTT which is totally my cup of tea.

    Sadly undersized pouch however.

  • very insightful… I’ve heard about this recently from a couple of friends of mine about your blog. This was very educational and got me thinking real hard. I have no idea where you come up with these brilliantly written posts but keep up the good work. Got any advice for the rest of us fellow bloggers?

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