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MySpace Interview – Desolation Yes

So, who are you anyway?

We’re Desolation Yes!

Describe your sound for us.

Hmmm, sort of industrial / techno/ rock pop; we’re told we’re highly infectious and will bury ourselves deep into your subconscious forever and ever. 

So you rate yourself then?

It’s not about rating yourself, everyone knows that!

Who are your influences?

We all have unbelievably large music collections so our influences come from all over the place. The Prodigy, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Faithless, Massive Attack, Ladytron and Muse. Then there are others like Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Kylie Marilyn Manson; the list is endless.

Tell us one of your musical secrets.

I couldn’t possibly!

What’s in the future?

Michael J Fox? The future is so hard to predict, I’m always surprised everytime something happens. I’d maybe put my money on mechanical human improvements (I’ve been reading a lot of Kevin Warrick recently).

What’s your claim to fame?

Ally went on a bender with Joey Ramone but got so drunk that he lost his number.

Musically, where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Playing music through circuit implants connected to our brains.

Myspace or Facebook?

They’re all the same really.

Check out this band’s music here:

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