Murder in Grizzly Hills

Murder in Grizzly Hills

It was a warm day as the valiant rogue, Mascot galloped across the Grizzly Hills atop her trusty ram, Sarah Palin, when she heard some grunting in the woods. Being ever curious and a bit of a pervert she dismounted, went stealth, and hid by a tree.

It was a sight that would make any D.E.H.T.A member cry:

World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft

Now, it was no secret that Mascot ate meat, but as she was trying to score with one of the female D.E.H.T.A member’s, she had to play the part. However, one thing that disturbed her was how one of the Amberpine Woodsmen seemed to be punching the ass of the downed Tallhorn Stag.

Watching the men punching and grunting and stabbing was turning poor Mascot’s stomach. She almost wanted to kill the woodsmen until she noticed something in the background.

World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft

It was a so-called Imperial Eagle, known as the snob of Grizzly Hills the Eagles were feared by man and beast alike. Mascot was astonished as she gazed upon the majestic eagle as it stared at the woodmen chopping and punching the stag to bits.

Mascot knew the look in the eagle’s eyes; it was the same she herself has had after killing a bubble bitch in world PVP. While there was no smile on the eagles face it was happy the stag was dead and took pleasure in watching it be torn apart.

There was nothing Mascot could do, this was natures will carried out by man’s hand. After all, she had more killing to do in the forest and then it was off to the hot springs for some spying on the showering D.E.H.T.A ladies.

As Mascot crept away she took one final look at the eagle who she just then realized could see her. For a moment they human and animal were connected to each other mentally. The eagle whispered into her head.

“If you tell anyone what you have seen here, you’re a dead mother f*cker!”

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