Mortal Online – Open Beta

Mortal Online
Mortal Online

Next up in the Beta Bin, Mortal Online.

Q. What is Mortal Online?

A: Mortal Online is a first-person MMORPG in an open player-controlled fantasy game world for the PC. Player versus Player (PvP), or rather Player to Player interaction plays an important part in Mortal Online as trading, learning, combat, rumors and alliances are largely dependent on communication between players.

Our approach to character creation, character progress and skills are to get away from hours and hours of pointless grinding and quickly immerse you into the community – once there, your real journey begins.

For more info check out there FAQ .

To join the open beta, simply create a game account (a forum account for Mortal Online will be created automatically).
Download the client, install and play.

The Open Beta will be run on one cluster server based in Stockholm.There is a possibility of a server cap being put in place.

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