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Mikail Yazbeck: TaleWorlds Entertainment

TaleWorlds Entertainment logo
TaleWorlds Entertainment logo

Name: Mikail Yazbeck

Company: TaleWorlds Entertainment

Profession: Designer

Favorite Classic Game: Heroes of Might & Magic II

Quote: I remember getting HoMM II, b/c I had to return some stupid mini-golf game that wouldn’t run on my 75MHz Pentium, thank goodness for that, the franchise turned out to be a lifelong gaming love affair that still has me entranced with its simplicity, depth, and wonderful style both visually and aurally. I still find myself playing through the franchise (yes, even #4, go on, chuckle) and listening to the music while I design.

Bio/Current Event: I’m crazy Lebanese-American expatriate doing design/many other things work at TaleWorlds Entertainment in Turkey.

We’re currently designing Project Obvious: The Sequel and handling the release of our upcoming expansion pack to M&B: Warband.

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One thought on “Mikail Yazbeck: TaleWorlds Entertainment

  • Keep being awesome 😀

    And don’t make War of the Roses too much like COD, kay? xD

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