Legendary Axe


My last day of Sword & Sorcery Week has me re-playing Legendary Axe. Been a while since I’ve fired this up, and I’ve never been able to finish it (Damn yooouu, No-Save-Game!)

This game is another hack-and-slash scroller, but also a fine platformer. You’ll find yourself doing a lot of jumping and climbing, and in my case…falling.

You play as a red-haired caveman armed with a legendary axe, which frankly looks like an ordinary hatchet that he could have picked up at Oog’s Hardware. But, some bad guy has kidnapped his woman, and he wants to get her back. It seems Axe-guy isn’t finished dragging her around by her hair yet.

Legendary axe - turbo graphix 16 - gameplay screenshot

The first thing you’ll notice is the bright, colorful level design and backgrounds. Victor Interactive Software really put forth some effort, and I thank them for it. There are 6 levels of game play (that I’ve never finished), ranging from the jungle, to caves, to mountains, etc…

Each level has it’s own mini-boss (crazed bears, huge boulders), and eventually, the Big Bad himself. Have a mentioned I haven’t ever reached him?

Throughout your journey, there’s a number of highly-detailed creatures that you’ll hack, from huge spiders, to half man/half animals, but you’ll always be annoyed by these little flying bats. To help you, there are plenty of power-ups in form of a small tiki idol, which can increase your health, give you a free life, of improve the strength of your mighty axe-blow.

Legendary axe - turbo graphix 16 - gameplay screenshot

Overall, the controls are fine, I didn’t have any problems except for the ones that show my lack of platforming skill.

Recapping: Beautiful-looking, decent controls, plenty of detailed levels/creatures, unique bosses, plenty of power-ups… I recommend playing.

Now if I could only rescue the girl….I need someone the sweep my dirt-floor cave.


Overall 7/10

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