Interesting move: World of Warcraft Now Only Requires A Subscription Fee for old content

The once megahit World of Warcraft has seen a steady decline in subscription rates and especially new players to their massive world. One move to perhaps help things was to remove the Battle Chest which included all the previous expansions from the Blizzard Online store. What this means is if you want to play WOW all you need to pay is the $14.99 subscription fee and you will get all the current content all the way up to the Legion expansion.

Now for those wanting to play the new, Battle for Azeroth expansion you will still need to pay the $49.99 to get that content, but this move makes it easier for people to come back to WOW or for new players to start without having to worry about purchasing previous expansions. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have a segment of your playerbase playing but tempted to buy the new expansion, so overall a smart move by Blizzard.

***Corrected article headline: The subscription fee only fee is for old content not including the latest expansion****

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