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This week we are using the Insider Discussion to talk about what is currently going on with our respective companies. First up Obsolete Gamer news, last month we had over 1.4 million hits and we thank all the fans who have visited the site and have supported us on Facebook or sharing our links with others. We are committed to brining you content that you want to read and can enjoy. We recent redoubled our efforts to bring you more classic gaming articles including reviews, editorials and media.

We are also working on bring you more interview with people in the gaming industry and have quite a few lined up so stay tuned. The Obsolete Gamer Show will be returning with new podcasts that you can find on ITunes, this website and soon on Zune. Our Gamer Profiles have been growing and now we have over 100 Gamer Profiles from people in the gaming industry with many more to come.

We will continue adding to and updating the website. We are currently launching a user submission feature so you can post news, articles, editorials and more. Now we will have to review, approve and edit the submissions before it launches but then it will go on our “Feed” page. With the feature we hope to find stories about classic and current gaming that perhaps are not on the radar and we would love to see original works from our fanbase.

All of us at Obsolete Gamer thank our fans because our site cannot make it without you. We are still in the midst of our T-Shirt drive that will not only help keep this site going but helps spread the word. In addition to purchasing one of our t-shirts you can help us by spreading the word to social sites, forums and other media outlets. With your help Obsolete Gamer can continue to grow which will allow us to improve our site and what we bring to you.

Now let’s check out what some of our panel members are working on:

Chris Skaggs from Soma Games wrote:

We are working on two games. One is a kind of Tempest + Tron arcade mashup and the other is billiards in space sequel to our first puzzle game.

Danny Greig from XGEN Studios wrote:

I am currently finishing up “Stick RPG 2”. Once that is out I will be concentrating on “Motherload” for Wiiware.

John Williamson – Producer on Saw 2: Flesh & Blood from Zombie Studios wrote:

We have just wrapped up SAW 2:Flesh and Blood, it goes on sale in just a few days (Oct 19), ahead of the next SAW movie installment (SAW 3D in theaters Oct 29th).  SAW 2 puts you in the role of Det. Tapp’s son this time around.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but that is we called it “Flesh and Blood.” You are the flesh and blood of the lead character in the first game, and there is no shortage of flesh and blood in the game.  We listened to the fans of the first game and we have changed combat to make it more visceral and immediate, we added in more collectibles and 2 endings for replayability, plus a set optional difficult puzzles for the really hard core fans.  We have all new puzzles and traps and another great story that takes the SAW franchise and characters for an amazing ride.

This time around, we have also added Tobin Bell’s likeness and voice the game, and once again, he was a great contributor and collaborator to Jigsaw’s lines.

Pre-order from gamestop.com and get a free deck of SAW themed playing cards.

Thomas Riegsecker from Basilisk Games wrote:

We are currently working on the add-on adventure for Eschalon: Book II. Eschalon: Book III in the planning stages, though it remains unannounced. And finally, we have a top-secret sci-fi RPG using a brand-new engine that is in development, yet remains unannounced as well. We recently gave fans a mini-tease of this sci-fi RPH by showing of some conceptual test animation: http://basiliskgames.com/ufos

Jason Shankel from Stupid Fun Club wrote:

The Stupid Fun Club is a creative think tank.  We work on a variety of ideas for games, toys, movies and television shows.  Currently, I’m working on some concepts for reality and educational TV and Web programming, as well as reviving some GOFAI (Good Old Fashioned A.I.) methods long buried in the catacombs of MIT for use in an age where computers actually have enough computing power, memory and access to information to do what researchers THOUGHT they could do on an unnetworked PDP-11 with 100k back in the era where the hair was big and so were the lapels 🙂

Josiah Pisciotta from Chronic Logic wrote:

We are currently working on several projects.  Golf? is a game that had been put on hold for several years but we are back at it again.  The old public demo can still be downloaded here: http://www.golfquestionmark.com/

We are also working on a major update to Zatikon which will included new units, a whole new category of units called relics, and several other major revisions.  Along those same lines we have started work on the long anticipated Zatikon : Inquisition.  http://www.zatikon.com

We are also working on a game for the XBLA which is still top secret but there should be some information released about it soon.

David Warhol from Realtime Associates wrote:

We are working on an unannounced kids MMO and making a portable version of a location-based trainer that takes about 20 PCs to run, hoping to bring it down to about 3 or 4 PCs so it can be deployed in the field.  And, we have proposals out for some XBLA/PSN and some iPad/iPhone products.

Aaron Hunter from Playtechtonics Inc wrote:

I’m working on StarportGame.com and it’s a virtual world with arcade style space combat. The challenges are running a game world economy, providing a real-time combat arena, and maintaining a live community.




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