Horrible Video Game Names

So the helicopter is named Revenge Joe and the helicopter has a brother. Honestly, when you look at this game do you even care about the storyline?~J.A. Laraque

Horrible Video Game Names

Sometimes a video game name can make little sense but still becomes a hit because of how good the game was. Resident Evil was selected at random in a boardroom after it was decided that using the Japanese name for the game, Biohazard, would conflict with other games. Today we have no problem with the name, well most of us don’t, but there are some video game names that are just too weird.

twin_eagle video game

Twin Eagle – Revenge Joe’s Brother

[youtube id=”I4HpowDzqzo” width=”633″ height=”356″]

So the helicopter is named Revenge Joe and the helicopter has a brother. Honestly, when you look at this game do you even care about the storyline?


Princess Tomato

[youtube id=”KNbqDFqBtxU” width=”633″ height=”356″]

You know to be honest we have princess peach and toadstool so having a princess tomato should not seem that weird especially considering she lives in salad kingdom. Honestly, I’m more concerned about living in salad kingdom. I don’t want to live anywhere near the tossed district.


Tech Romancer

[youtube id=”j2ZX5lPaw-g” width=”633″ height=”356″]

This Dreamcast game is actually pretty fun to play and let’s just be truthful, there are some geeks out there who would have no problem getting down with a robot. Just listen to how the guy says the name of the game and the name of chapter 1 is called, It’s not fair.


Pen Pen Triicelon

[youtube id=”fvZQzaHUDoI” width=”633″ height=”356″]

This game is just all kinds of fun and wacky as hell. The game itself is kind of like a racing game mixed in with winter games type events, but in a wacky world with strange music and even stranger charters.


Sticky Balls

[youtube id=”wGkwjEa1piI” width=”633″ height=”356″]

I could try to explain this one, but the video pretty much does the best job in explaining.

We will be back with more bad video games names soon so stick around.

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3 thoughts on “Horrible Video Game Names

  • Princess Tomato sounds very charming to me, but Tech Romancer sounds like a completely different type of game, if you get my meaning.

  • Princess Tomato looks weird as hell but cute.

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