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High School of the Dead



So, I was recommended this anime from a friend of mine and so far I have gotten to the 8th episode of the series. High school of the Dead is the story of a group of Japanese high school girls, two guys and the school nurse as they try to survive a zombie apocalypse.

I was recommended this anime for one reason originally, the T and A. If you watch the uncensored version you will pretty much everything a anime fanboi would want to see from huge animated breasts to pretty much all the female characters playing with each other in a shower scene, oh ya there are zombies too.

The story starts out fast like many zombie movies with the outbreak starting with someone being killed on the school grounds, but the male lead character soon finds out that it was no random murder and the dead are not staying dead. It was not to long until the entire school was in a panic and overrun with zombies.


It took some time for the full cast to meet up as they were in different parts of the school, but once they did their overall goal was to get to safety and find out what was really going on. Now there is a story within all the zombie beat downs and boob and panty shots. Like many zombie movies the story is about how different people deal with the crisis they found themselves in. You can expect the military to be dicks and the cops being useless and people taking advantage to be the assholes they really are.

Honestly, besides the T and A which is nice, I am enjoying their take on a zombie outbreak and even the male characters are cool and interesting especially the chubby nerd turned gun freak. You can find the original Japanese version subtitled or the English dub version as well, but make sure you get the uncensored one, you will thank me later.

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