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So here it is, I was finally able to get a physical copy of this wonderful game and even though it doesn’t contain the special sound chip, I was able to enjoy the gameplay of a game like no other! Gimmick! is one of a kind and it’s the pick of this week!

Mr. Gimmick - Gameplay - Screenshot
The game is very simple. You are this toy, you can move, therefore you must beat the levels! At least, that’s what I could make up of it har har har….the game is not your average platformer. The game showcases the NES/Famicom graphics at its best. Sometimes you think you are playing a SNES game believe it or not. They bring the NES/Famicom to its limits and in some ways opened up new ones(sound chip).


The game tends to start very easy but after level three or so, you will be wanting to break your head open with its difficulty. I haven’t managed to finish the game myself even though my copy of Gimmick! starts you up with 30 lives. By level 3, I have already wasted half of those. I think I just need some practice.



The game is a treat to look at and will make you showcase the best of your skills all the way to the end so it’s highly worth it for hardcore retro gaming fans. The game is also very expensive so be ready to spend the big bucks for it or just be a cheap bastard and play the rom. Either way, pick it up and play! it’s Gimmick!


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