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Germ Attack

Germ Attack

I’m not the type to say no to a free game, even if it means reviewing it, and Germ Attack, was indeed given to me as a free review copy. Further good news is, it is actually a smart, nice little game. Bad news is, it’s another color-matching casual game, in the style of Sweety Puzzle (by the same developer).

Germ Attack, though, introduces an interesting and rather successful twist to the color-matching mechanics, that makes for quite a refreshing gameplay experience. Instead of placing colored candy on a grid a la Sweety Puzzle, arranging falling colored objects a la Columns or utilizing a Baku Baku mechanic, Germ Attack lets you rotate (apparently colored) germs, as they are placed on the playing area. Not easily described, but simple and intuitive, and you’ll get the whole idea by playing the demo for 15 seconds. Here’s a screenshot:

Germ Attack Gameplay Screenshot

Got it now? No? Doesn’t matter. Trust me, it’s really addictive, and for the price of 6.95$ you get 60 well designed and quite varied levels, presented with great hand-drawn graphics. Have a look by clicking here. Or here. No, here!

That’s a (seven) out of (ten).

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Konstantinos Dimopoulos

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11 thoughts on “Germ Attack

  • The spin thing sounds kinda’ like Hexic HD for the 360… Its fun, but goes on forever…

  • Ok, how about this one… Back around 92′ to 93′ I was playing this war game set in the time of the middle ages ( been trying to find this forever ). The idea of the game was to destroy all enemy forces and take over the land or whole map area!

    What I remember about it: For todays standards the map was not that big.. It was surrounded by water and had one island off to the left.

    When you started playing you could choose between 2 colors of flags for your knights ( red or blue- there could of been 4 colors but Im not sure ). While playing that is all you would see and move on the map, would be your flag. There was a few castles you could take over, and other enemy flags around the map that would move over time.

    The larger ther flag the higher ranked your knights for that group would be.. You could also split them for more lower ranks to move across the map. When you would move on an enemy flag you would battle.. The game would then go into a cut scene of just a picture of a couple armies in battle, and then you would just sit and listen to all the sound effects of a war going on!
    As you progressed enemies would take over areas that you havent got to. They would also start to expand and have lots more flags ( knights ) across the map. Ever who conquered all won the game.

    Not sure if this sounds familiar or If you might know where I could look for it? Would like to play it again if ever possible, cause I never beat it.
    -Thanks Gnome

  • Well Gnome I actually have to do some work today :(, so I will check back on this later this afternoon…

    Oh’ yeah, I got something I posted on my page you might find interesting..? ( As I smirk )

  • I’m really stuck… Can’t think of a game like the one you describe… Perhaps it was the first Heroes of Might and Magic? Sorry, Deitrix, can’t help 🙁

    Anyway, off to check your blog then…

  • someone should think of writing reviews, sounds like a medieval version of shogun. i’m sold

  • Yes, but that would be Medieval Total War, wouldn’t it?


  • it would indeed wise and substantial Gnome

    (elderly berates himself for not thinking of it sooner, quietly ponders the synaptic activity of other species)

  • Well I shall continue to search for this mystery game though out my days..


  • Good luck, and I’d suggest searching it out @ mobygames…

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