Gekitou Stadium

Gekitou Stadium - Gameplay Screenshot

With the start of the Famicom Guide Youtube channel why not pick a Famicom title? Well, guess what? I just did! Gekitou Stadium!! is one of the reasons why baseball games are still fun on the classic console. The game is well balanced and has a very moderate setting of gameplay to help make the game fair. You have use the available strategy so that your pitcher won’t get beaten up by the opponent batters. You can hit the hitter if you don’t like him or just trick him to follow a ball outside the pitching box, you decide. The game has a very entertaining soundtrack that will not bore you and will keep you coming for more!

Gekitou Stadium - Gameplay Screenshot
There is a lot to explore as you see in the title screen. You have many settings to choose from. I prefer the 2player vs mode because it’s always a lot more fun to play against a friend. Make sure you hit the ball well though!

Gekitou Stadium - Gameplay Screenshot
Be careful with your opponent especially the ones with lots of HR in their stats, chances are they will try to hit it out of the ball park. My opponent didn’t follow my advice so I swung the bat and make her pay for it!

One of the best parts of the game is you can add yourself in the game. You can see myself right there in the left of the picture waiting to give high fives to my team mate that just scored a home run! Don’t I look sexy? Aha just kidding, this is just one of the many funny cut scenes of this game. Every sport game should have something like this!

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