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Games & Candy 3

Games & Candy 3

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Found some neat arcade/video game toys and candy at a candy store the other day.

Pac-Man Arcade Candy

Pac-Man Arcade Candy

Mario power Up energy drinks and some Mario Kart candy.

Mario power Up

A ton of Pez candy

Pez candy

Mmm Bacon candy

Bacon candy

Simpsons lunch boxes and mugs

Simpsons lunch boxes

And of course I had to get some Pac-Man candy to bring home.

Pac-Man Candy

Pac-Man Candy

Pac-Man Candy

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David William

Born in 1986, David William Heinbokel grew up with a NES controller in his hand. It all started there and his love for gaming grew more through out the years first with the NES, then later on receiving a SNES for Christmas. David and his brother Derek have been gamers from the beginning and don't see an end in sight. Besides retro game consoles David is also addicted to arcades and pinball machines and garage sales. He started www.brainerdrainer.wordpress.com in 2012 to share the love for retro gaming/pinball/toys and now contributes to brainer drainer and obsolete gamer.

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