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Gamer Profile: The Unallied


Name: Callen Shaw

Company: The Unallied

Profession: Founder, Designer/Developer

Favorite Classic Game: Pokemon Blue

Quote: More than all other games, the original Pokemon was a game that hides its complex mechanics under a dead-simple interface. I like many Nintendo games for this reason, but I’m still impressed with how well they distilled the RPG formula into a one-on-one battle with just 4 actions for each side. The game gets much more complex simply by giving you many choices – you can customize your 6-Pokemon team, choosing them from 150 types, and choose the best 4 moves for each one. This kind of “layered complexity” is something I try to think about when designing games, and Pokemon was how I learned it.

Check out Jacob Clark on The Obsolete Gamer Show

Name: Jacob Clark

Company: The Unallied

Profession: Community Manager

Favorite Classic Game: Mega Man 3

Quote: My favorite memory of Mega Man 3, is that damn top man. He was the easiest robot master to kill and also you has the funniest special power. Who wouldn’t want to see to Mega Many kill his enemies with a ballerina twirl?

Bio: The Unallied was founded in 2008 so that Callen Shaw could release Xbox Indie Games. Over the years he collaborated with many artists and game enthusiasts, but still remains a solo development operation. After finding small success with the hit drinking game Drinkards, The Unallied began a path toward becoming a full indie game studio. This involved expanding the Drinkards line with Drinkards Beer Pong and Flip Cup by Drinkards, as well as experimental projects like3D-struction, a stereoscopic 3D game which works on standard screens with Red/Blue glasses or full 3DTV systems.

Recently, The Unallied gained a voice to speak our message, in the form of Jacob. As an experienced organizer and promoter of other successful indie games, his insight and people-skills are rapidly expanding awareness of our awesome games. Jacob brings with him years of experience coordinating events for his group Gaming In Public, including Indies Need Booze, a social event for indie game enthusiasts following PAX East.

super dwarf madness

Project Info: Super Dwarf Madness is a twin-stick shooter and the successor to Dwarf Madness for Xbox 360. It pits a rag-tag team of Dwarves with guns against wave after wave of zombies. The goal is to achieve a High Score by picking up Gold Coins, and not how many enemies you kill. Super Dwarf Madness takes the same great formula of Dwarf Madness but adds online co-op, custom, professional art, more items, more guns, more zombies, and multiple new levels to explore and loot. Super Dwarf Madness also brings The Unallied’s brand of humor with a town full of unique characters within the world of Dwyll.

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