Game Theory with Scott Steinberg

Game Theory with Scott Steinberg

If you are in the gaming industry, are interested in game design, and the future of that industry, Scott Steinberg’s show and website offer great insight.

You can visit the main blog here at They offer great articles as to the direction the gaming industry is going as well as their show Game Theory that often has gaming industry pioneers or insiders that give us their opinion as to where the future of gaming will be.

They discuss things from massive layoffs at huge companies like EA and Activision to way we will buy games in the future to future subscription based game services and more.

Here are the first two episodes of the show:

Episode 1 – Reinventing the Video Game Industry

Episode 2 – Time for a Reality Check

The website has more videos. Check it out!

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I've been gaming since the introduction of the Commodore 64. After that computer I moved onto Amiga and finally onto PC. As far as consoles go I mainly enjoy the older systems.

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