Game Over: Television pilot features the funny side of video game retail


Anyone who has ever worked a retail job selling video games can probably tell you stories.  From parents asking for the “XCube” and “Gamebox” to trying to explain to someone why the hot new game console people waited overnight to get was sold out, the truth of gaming retail can often spawn funny stories.

Such was the inspiration of Game Over, a television sitcom pilot now in the final editing stages.  This half hour comedy follows five employees of a video game retailer in a shopping center, complete with a variety of regular customers.  Director and writer Dave Bullis based the series on his real-life experiences from a job at EB Games in 2001.

“Slowly I started to see the same kinds of customers come in,” Bullis said in reference to show characters such as ‘Yuppie Parent’, a character who frequents the store asking the same questions on each visit.

A variety of other characters, including an aspiring pro gamer and an attractive blonde, will mostly avoid typical video gamer stereotypes, according to Bullis.

The Game Over pilot episode, entitled “Launch Party” was filmed on a Philadelphia sound stage, using a set built in part from counters and racks from a closed Blockbuster location.  Editing of the pilot and a launch trailer are expected to be complete by mid-August, then shopping the pilot to various networks and media outlets begins.

“To get to this point was literally a Herculean effort,” Bullis stated.

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Those interested in learning more about the Game Over pilot and following the concept should visit where they can learn more about the cast, see the set and follow the show via Facebook and Twitter links.

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